Onsta is a Queer Black Freelance Illustrator, VTuber & Social Media Content Creator based in Japan.Past Clients include: SEGA, Disney TV Animation, Flamebait Games, Sony Music, Columbia Records, Activision Blizzard & SyFy Wire.

Hey there! I'm Onsta, an illustrator, VTuber, and content creator based out in Japan! I spend my days creating art, thinking about Kiryu Kazuma, playing SEGA games & doing my best to make folks laugh while putting some good out there in the world. Nice to meet you!

I'm a space & Yakuza-inspired VTuber that currently streams several times a week over on Twitch! I might love Kiryu Kazuma & his friends just a little bit. Just a bit!

I love creating art, playing games (SEGA games especially--including the Yakuza / Like a Dragon series) and giving my community a chill and comfortable place to crack jokes, be nostalgic over old commercials, and most of all, have fun!

In the past, we've partnered with SEGA Europe to raise over $2000 for various charities, and have raised over $10,000 in other charity partnerships, such as Games For Love!

For sponsorship inquiries, feel free to email me at [email protected] !

Illustration Work:

I'm always interested in new & fun opportunities, especially pertaining to illustration or streaming! Feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll get back to you soon!